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Cocktail Hamper And Le Millionnaire Cocktail At Hotel Cap Estel

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars designers have created a true work of art that has been entirely handmade, specially for epicureans. The cocktail hamper is a contemporary vision of the art of living and has been made from the finest materials, such as American walnut, bullhide, platinum and hand-blown glass, to create a veritable masterpiece. Like a Rolls-Royce car, it is a real collector's item and will be on show at the bar of the Hotel Cap Estel throughout the summer season. Also in collaboration with the Hotel Cap Estel, a cocktail named Le Millionnaire has been created and will be available to order from the five-star establishment's bar.

Cocktail Hamper: €38,000

Cocktail Le Millionnaire by Rolls-Royce: €36